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    Sold 2 Unit Building in 2019 in Chicago (Chatham)

    List Price: $169,900
    Sold Price: $175,000

    I am very happy with the customer service I received. Your team was very professional. My property was listed with a previous agent who was horrible with communication and sending me text messages at 2-3 am. I looked at my listing agreement and James Mattz got my property sold in exactly 30 days.

    Rhonda Auston - Holcomb

    Sold Detached Single Family in 2019 in Lansing

    List Price: $149,900
    Sold Price: $146,500

    My experience with the Mattz group was very good. They were very responsive during the entire process. Each team member is very knowledgeable and made sure they gave you the best advice to make an informed decision. The thing I like most was their responsiveness. The Mattz group answered the phone nearly every time I called and if they were unavailable they would respond in a timely fashion even on the weekend. They also responded to emails promptly. If you are looking to sell and or buy a home I would highly recommend the Mattz group.

    Kendall & Brady Gant

    Sold AttachedSingle Family in 2019 in Alsip

    List Price: $95,000
    Sold Price: $90,500

    James is a gentleman. If I let them know about a problem, they fixed it. Excellent customer service.

    Uri Raanan

    Sold Detached Single Family in 2019 in Chicago (Burnside)

    List Price: $114,900
    Sold Price: $120,000

     I used James Mattz to sell my home in Chicago and he was outstanding. I’ve recommended the James Mattz Real Estate Team to everyone I know. He’s a true professional, a genuinely nice guy, and a man of his word. I realize it won’t always be this easy to sell your home, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better Realtor.

    Shirley Houston

    Sold Attached Single Family in 2019 in Chicago (Oakland)

    List Price: $259,900
    Sold Price: $263,000

    The Mattz Group has provided service for the sale of my condominium. Even though the process proved to take longer than I expected it was completed, due to the extra persistence of this great team!  Thank you.

    Stephanie AdamsChicago (Oakland), IL

    Sold Detached Single Family in 2019 in Orland Park

    List Price: $354,900
    Sold Price: $355,500

    We are absolutely pleased with the way in which The Mattz Group handled the selling of our property. You have been understanding and professional through-Thank you so much.

    Phyllis and Precious Luster

    Sold Attached Vacant Lot in 2019 in Chicago

    List Price: $69,900
    Sold Price: $43,000

    Working with the Mattz Group has been a great experience. This has been the most informative real estate transaction I have ever had. Wonderful experience.

    Sally Cardenas

    Sold Attached Single Family in 2019 in Chicago Ridge

    List Price: $209,900
    Sold Price: $197,500

    Angie and everybody at The Mattz Group did a fantastic job. They were courteous and professional. Angie definitely kept me from stressing out.

    Kevin Bradd

    Sold Attached Single Family in 2019 in Olympia Fields

    List Price: $135,000
    Sold Price: $132,000

    I am doing just splendid thanks to your team.  Everyone at your office was so professional and caring which is what I loved.  As you know, this was the second property that the Mattz Group sold for me.  Initially, you were recommended by a family member that was equally as satisfied.  I was made to feel as though I was your only customer.  Your Team is a class act and I will recommend you to everyone.  Just yesterday, I gave your business card to a friend that will be selling their property in the near future.  So, with that being said, Kudos to you for doing such a fantastic job.

    Carolyn Bradford

    Sold Attached Single Family in 2019 at Jackson Towers

    List Price: $189,900
    Sold Price: $175,000

    I thank you for taking control of the situation in a much desired professionalism which enabled us today to resolve matters in order to move forward with the sale of my condominium.  It has been an excellent learning experience to work with you on my first real estate transaction and you educated me in a lot of areas.  I look forward to working with The Mattz Group in my future endeavors as well.

    Amjad Oberoi

    Sold Attached Single Family in 2018 in Calumet City, IL

    List Price: $129,900
    Sold Price: $124,000

    My wife and I would like express our gratitude to James Mattz and his team for a job well done. For more than two years we listed our beautiful property for sale and the agent we hired couldn’t deliver. By luck I met James in the month July 2018 and he who was interested in assisting us sale the house. During our first meeting, James promised that he could get our property sold within a month. He took the time to explain to me and my wife the process, expectations and approximately how much our house may sell for. Within the same week of listing the property, we had a serious buyer with a realistic offer and a signed contract. The whole Mattz Group worked diligently to coordinate the process between the two parties. They were professional and respectful. It was obvious they knew what they were doing. In less than a month we closed on our home. Based on our experience, we would be happy to refer family and friends to James Mattz and the Mattz Group. We are very thankful for the wonderful services we received and we sincerely look forward to utilizing the Mattz Group in the future.

    James OlaoyeCalumet City, IL 60409

    Sold Attached Single Family in 2018 in Tinley Park, IL

    List Price: $219,900
    Sold Price: $215,000

    Thank you so much for all of your work.  I am eternally grateful to the staff at The Mattz Group for their readiness and willingness to answer questions and provide information.  The number of people involved in the process never impacted the question and answer process.  I had no idea how much the real estate industry had changed since my last transaction in 2003 but The Mattz Group was patient, clarified any of my concerns, and were even willing to walk me through signing a form on the computer.  The professionalism expected from business entities!

    Shirley NolenTinley Park, IL 60487

    Sold Detached Single Family in 2018 in Oak Lawn, IL

    List Price: $194,900
    Sold Price: $196,500

    I could not have asked for a better team-  Amber, John,  Jovonn and James. Very professional!  It was hectic at a point, but everything worked out. This team is awesome and definitely know what they’re. doing. Very impressed!

    Peggy Coulborn & Terry HyattOak Lawn, IL 60453

    Sold Detached Single Family in 2018 in Matteson, IL

    List Price: $199,900
    Sold Price: $185,000

    I am very pleased with how The Mattz Group made the process of buying my first home so smooth. I was so impressed by the method that Chretien used to help me simplify my search for the perfect house for me and my family. Chretien was always just a phone call away for any questions I had. Once the contract was accepted, and I was turned over to the transaction manager Jovonn, I was extremely pleased with her ability to get things done and she was always very pleasant and professional. The Mattz Group definitely made this an unforgettable process. Thank you guys so much!!!!

    Raina YoungMatteson, IL 60443

    Sold Detached Single Family in 2018 in Tinley Park, IL

    List Price: $321,900
    Sold Price: $317,000

    Kept me informed very well. I am very happy with the service I received.

    John BrouchTinley Park, IL 60487

    Sold Detached Single Family in 2018 in Orland Park, IL

    List Price: $599,900
    Sold Price: $563,000

    Very good experience! Good to work with everyone on the team.

    Nishendu BaxiOrland Park, IL

    Sold Attached Single Family in 2018 in Chicago, IL

    List Price: $200,000
    Sold Price: $189,900

    Extremely proficient and diligent in getting our place sold. His associate Jovonn was a dream to work with. She was always on top of everything and kept on top of us to get things to her to facilitate the process. Will use them again.

    Wencia SmithenChicago, IL 60615

    Sold 3 Multi-Unit Buildings in 2018 in Chicago, IL

    List Price: $274,900 – $329,900
    Sold Price:$266,000 – $338,000

    Best service. I’ve been in business for long time and dealt with a lot of real estate agents. The Mattz Mega Group is by far #1!

    Imad SalamahChicago, IL

    Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Chicago, IL

    List Price: $74,900
    Sold Price: $77,100 in Multiple Offer Situation

    “You guys are awesome. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for all of your help.”

    Gregory SmithChicago, IL 60628

    Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Chicago, IL

    List Price: $124,900
    Sold Price: $130,000 in Multiple Offer Situation

    I recently had the pleasure of signing up with Mattz Mega Realtor Group to sell my house of #24 years.  From day one I was extremely nervous but yet excited about my future.All through out the negotiations as well as the closing the staff handled all those unforeseen issues. Then moving into the next phase the transaction. Leaning on Jovonn during this transition made it a lot less stressful to say the least. Jovonn was my calming rock and the sweetest person. Always professional,reliable very personable. Whenever I would be feeling down, Jovonn would send me a cartoon e-mail to bust my spirits.The best part, when it was ALL over I truly felt a friendship had been formed. I would highly recommend Mattz Mega Realtor for all your needs.  A special thanks to Mr. James Mattz for the exceptionally well trained staff.

    Minnard SkilesChicago, IL 60620

    Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Chicago, IL

    List Price: $99,995
    Sold Price: $100,050 in Multiple Offer Situation

    Following an unsuccessful attempt by another realtor to sell my house I learned about James Mattz. We talked and eventually I listed with The Mattz Group. The experience was totally different, so different that on a few occasions I started to panic. The staff allowed me to vent or whatever I  needed to do and then without missing a beat proceeded to help me get past my fears. Mattz sold my house within a month and closed the following. I am very happy. Thank you Mattz Group!

    Nancy TaylorChicago, IL 60628

    Sold Single Family home in 2015 in Orland Park, IL

    List Price: $129,900
    Sold Price: $113,000

    After several months having my house for sale, there were no luck of anyone putting an offer for my property and I am getting frustrated as time ticks each day. Paying bills here and there realizing that if the agent has actually help me to have this property sold in time. Not long ago until I de-listed my deal with one of the best company that is selling properties in the south side, James made a surprise call asking if my house is for sale and would need a agent for it. I was skeptical at first why he would called me in the beginning but as he explain his strategy, I understand so I took a leap in faith and have James and his team move forward with my property in listing. He told me how this neighborhood is and knowing that it will be a very difficult sale, he told me he will make it happen within 90 days. Almost hitting 60 days since it was during winter time, there were many showings and miracles happen, a buyer is willing to put and offer for my property. I quickly took this opportunity and move forward with the deal. If I keep holding this property till today, I do not know what I would do without James and his team. They worked hard day and night to find the best owner that would suits the neighborhood and they did. I am very please with their performance and their communication. James often calls me to update the situation and how we should deal this property. He is experience in his work and he did not let me down knowing the fact that my property was located at one of the toughest location in all neighborhoods in Chicago, it was a test to James whether he can have this property sold or not. Eventually he did and that proves to me that he and his team is capable of making it happen. I honor his dedication and knowing he is a man that is trustworthy. Many agents out there will just want to make a sale and let you handle the rest but James was able to provide me a lot of solid information and details about the neighborhood. He will do what he say and I am very please with his work. If you are looking for a trustworthy agent in Chicago buying properties for first time buyer or having your property selling in the market, I would recommend James and his team to. He will not let you down and he will give you the TRUTH of the real pricing of your property. You might not like to hear it but you would rather know the truth and lying to yourself that the property will not even capable to selling at a price range that is unreachable. Thank you for James and his team for making it happen. God bless for appearing in my life. Thank you

    Justin LuiOrland Park, IL 60467

    Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Gresham, Chicago, IL.

    List Price: $119,900
    Sold Price: $119,000

    Sold our home in a timely manner,he really knows the business.Third realtor I guess the saying third time is a charm is true.If you are looking to sell give James a call he can get it done.

    Lyann IbitoyeChicago, IL 60620

    Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Olympia Fields, IL.

    List Price: $349,900
    Sold Price: $340,000

    The Mattz Group worked as a professional team to service the sale of our home. We received sound constructive advice on how to successfully list and show our home.

    Joy RemmerOlympia Fields, IL 60461

    Sold a Multi-Family home in 2018 in Gresham, Chicago, IL

    List Price: $139,900
    Sold Price: $140,000 in Multiple Offer Situation

    From the initial presentation to the closing, I was very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the Mattz Group! They marketed my property perfectly; I had two offers in less than a week! They were with me every step of the way in getting my property sold – responsive, knowledgeable,  and thorough. I highly recommend the Mattz Group!

    Wanetta KinseyChicago, IL 60620



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