Bronzeville, Chicago Real Estate


    Between 1910 and 1920, a tremendous number of African American workers journeyed to Bronzeville to escape oppression in the southern United States. As one of the most significant landmarks of the “Great Migration,” this South Side neighborhood is shrouded in a glowing, African American cultural allure.

    Bronzeville’s 20th century resurgence, which rivaled the Harlem Renaissance, is responsible for tremendous cultural and social advances. Pulitzer Prize recipient Gwendolyn Brooks, civil rights activist Ida B. Wells, and legendary musician Louis Armstrong were profoundly responsible for the area’s development and subsequent cultural crusade, which included advances in civil rights, jazz, blues and gospel music as well.

    As part of a community-driven revitalization, Bronzeville seamlessly bridges its historical significance and flourishing modern renaissance. Amongst newly opened coffee shops and restaurants, you will find spectacular displays of Victorian Era architecture. These mansions, which were primarily built in the late 19th century, represent the area’s extraordinary display of Gothic, Romanesque and Queen Ann-style design.

    Stunning residential architecture and its storied history aside, the neighborhood’s most striking, modern influence is in the realm of public art. Commissioned to help rejuvenate the area, Bronzeville contains some of the most celebrated works within the City of Chicago’s Public Art Collection. Of note is a sculpture-adorned stretch of Martin Luther King Drive that features Alison Saar’s “Monument to the Great Northern Migration,” The Bronzeville Walk of Fame, and The Victory Monument.


    Where to Eat

    Chicago’s Home of Chicken and Waffles
    Pearl’s Place
    Bronzeville Coffee & Tea
    Mississippi’s Ricks
    Ain’t She Sweet Cafe
    Mother Butter’s
    Le Fleur De Lis

    Places to See

    Gallery Guichard
    Mies van der Rohe tour of Illinois Institute of Technology
    Ellis Park
    Bronzeville Children’s Museum
    Stephen A. Douglas Tomb
    Harold Washington Cultural Center

    Schools in Bronzeville

    Overton Elementary School PK – 8
    Wells Preparatory Elementary Academy K – 8
    Fuller Elementary School PK – 8
    Mayo Elementary School PK – 8
    Bronzeville Scholastic High School
    Williams Medical Prep High School
    Chicago Military Academy High School

    Healthcare near Bronzeville

    Near South Health Center
    Oak Street Health – Bronzeville
    DirectMed Health Services
    Immanuel Home Care Services
    Bronze Key Home Health Care
    University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences
    Komed Holman Health Center
    Advocate Health Center Sykes
    Greater Grand Mental Health
    Access Booker Family Health Center
    Provident Hospital Family Medicine Practice
    John Sengstacke Health Center
    Michigan Ave Center for Health
    AHF Healthcare Center